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If you think you can, and want to develop an enhancement that could be benefit to others, like plug-in, extensions or others, you are welcome to submit your code changes. All enhancements will be published in our website with the previous approval of the user.


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Medius Project

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The Medius Project was created with one thing in mind, PRIVACY and INFORMATION SECURITY.

Internet is a complex network in which users information travels through many hops in between the requesting machines and the responders. Such information may be captured in travel since 98% of internets traffic happens in plain text.

This allows companies to track online behaviors, preferences and basically build a profile of the network users. The Medius Project comes to the rescue in a diminished value of the privacy in our society.

Our focus is to protect every bit of information going through our network by encrypting all requests traveling on the MEDIUS network. Protect users and create a sense of community that brings protection and peace of mind to the users by guaranteeing the quality of the incoming and outgoing traffic.

Join and support the SAFEST community in the world.

Medius Project belongs to Intosecure INC.

Intosecure INC has been licenced with rights to use Pipi Inventions LLC patent regarding a System and method for providing a secure connection between every website and its users without having to install a certificate.

Medius is a not for profit organization open source platform based on 5 pillars:

  • Contribution
  • Privacy
  • Trust
  • Security
  • Education


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How it Works

In order to guarantee the security of the data for every website and it users, we use an implementation of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) version of HTTPS which provides communications security for every website using a proxy, making the information travelling the web encrypted without having to install a certificated in the website or serve. Just using the https proxy.

We provide a safe internet connection to any server. Connections are seen in the address bar as https:// Not only make the user to trust that is safe to transfer information through this proxy, it also allow sites to provide the https:// URLS in order to fulfil some websites requirements.

Inventors: Andres Meggiotto

Assignee: Pipi Inventions Llc

Please download our brochure PPT Mesi 4.


Here at MEDIUS we consider that open source is the best platform for software development and improvement. You can be part of it by simply giving us feedback or volunteering for developing software.

DOWNLOAD - WordPress Plugin

We are developing and it´s available for you our wordpress plugin.

How does it works?

When you install the plugin, your /wp-admin path changes to ssl proxyfied by (Español) (English)

So your urls changes from to

Insecure traffic goes between your server and https://* server, and keeps invisible to the world.

Download here: Plugin Wordpress safe mode


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